The idea of gambling has been around for centuries, so do not be excited after a few winning streaks, many people have done so in the past. Gambling has always been taken as a social invent where people can practice it in the social environment called casino. Below are some the unknown facts about casino gaming.

The first casino to be built

The first casino can be traced back to Venice, Italy. It was built in 1638 as a place where people could come to have adventures. It was called “Casa” at that point meaning a small villa or summerhouse. In short, it was a place of pleasure for people who wanted to get away from the stress of work and just relax. The building also used to host other civic functions such as gambling, music and dancing.

The citizens of Monaco cannot play casino games

Citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter a gaming room in the local casinos. The restriction on the gaming did not start recently, it has been in effect since 1856. This was a way of helping the Monaco citizens from ending up in debts at the end. The twist is that Monaco citizens can work in a casino, but cannot be involved in playing the game.


Slot invention

The first slot was invented because someone wanted to have a good customer service for his clients. It was in 1887 Charles Fey, inventor and mechanic, decided to come up with a way to keep his clients happy even when waiting for him to repair their cars. The first slot he invented had 3 spinning reels and five symbols on the outer section. The symbols included diamonds, hearts, spades, the liberty bell and horseshoes.

Play by the rules of blackjack

It is funny how some people think they know the rules of blackjack, but it is always the opposite when playing the game. It is easy to find many people saying they can get to 21. You simply need to beat the dealer rather than trying to get to 21. Statistics show that only a small percentage of gamblers have ever won with 21.

Swallow the dice

England was not always friendly to casinos during the 18th century. Many people would see playing in a secret casino as some fun things to do. The casinos had actually hired many people who would swallow the dice in case the police raided their secret casino. Well, people took to extreme measures just to have fun.

Roulette was invented by a scientist

It’s thought that the Roulette game was invented by Blaise Pascal as he tried numerous time to create a perpetual motion machine. There are so many ‘origins’ of this game, but this seems to be the most interesting one.

A Company’s Gamble

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